Prenatal Massage

We offer home visit treatments during your pregnancy which can help reduce shoulder stiffness, back pain, swelling, poor circulation and help reduce mood swings. The gentle and refreshing scent will erase the anxiety. We want to help you stay beautiful and healthy during your pregnancy, as these months bring changes that affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. Our aroma therapist has over 20 years of experience in prenatal aroma massage. Our therapist will use techniques that are safe and comfortable for pregnant women. So please enjoy our relaxing treatment.

Prenatal Massage 60 minutes / ¥8,500

This massage alleviates tension and discomfort in the areas of your request.
<Whole back (including the shoulders, lower back and hips), below the knee including the soles of the feet, head and neck area>

Prenatal Massage 90 minutes / ¥12,000

Most popular course
This massage alleviates tension and discomfort in almost every part of the body making you breathe deeply, feeling completely relaxed.
<Whole back (including the shoulders, lower back and hips), below the knee including the soles of the feet, hands or thighs, head and neck area >

Prenatal Massage 120 minutes / ¥17,000

This course is perfect for pregnant women with lower back pain, headaches, shoulder stiffness, muscle cramps, swelling, anxiety, exhaustion, and sleep deprivation. Our therapists care for pregnant women with common maternity troubles using safe and comfortable techniques. Full body massage except for the abdomen area. (The focus is on reducing stiffness of shoulders and back, removing lower back pain and swelling, improving sleeplessness, etc. The massage is tailored to your request)

Maternity 60 minutes, Maternity 90 minutes, and Maternity 120 minutes menus are available from 16 weeks onwards.

※Business trips are available in Shinagawa, Ota, Setagaya, Meguro, Minato, Shibuya, Chuo, Shinjuku, Chiyoda, Nerima, Suginami, Nakano, Bunkyo, Toshima, Kita and Koto.・ Head to Musashino City, Yokohama City, etc. Other districts are negotiable.

Facial Aroma

We offer a facial massage with the essential oil of your choice. We apply strong pressure to loosen up your stiff shoulder and neck. We hope you have a pleasant experience. (prenatal, postpartum, for all women, everyone can take it.)


Basic Facial 50 minutes / ¥7,000

With this massage, we apply a German Organic Clay Mask that helps push waste products through the lymphatic system, smooth facial tension, and reduce puffiness in the face.

<Clay mask → Decollete → Shoulder → Neck → Head massage → Facial massage>

Premier Facial 70 minutes / ¥9,000

This menu is available from February
This massage moisturizes your skin and removes dead skin cells using Martina Gebhardt Peeling Soft and Herbs Mask. We keep your skin looking bright, fresh and clear.

<Peeling → Facial Massage → Herbal Mask → Decollete → Shoulder and Neck → Head Massage>

Happy Age Facial 90 minutes / ¥12,000

This menu is available from February
This massage helps improve the elasticity and firmness of your skin, leaving it looking more youthful and radiant. We use Martina Gebhardt Herbs Mask and Happy Aging Cream, and a CO2 pack.

<CO2 pack → decollete → shoulder and neck → head massage → facial massage → herbal mask → moisturizing cream → hand massage>

Organic skincare and cosmetics
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Body & Facial

Body & Facial 120 minutes / ¥13,000

Short Facial + Body 90 minutes course

This massage is a combination of Facial and Body treatment. We provide a full body massage to restore health and wellness This treatment leaves a sense of balance, cleansed feeling, and positive energy.
(prenatal, postpartum, for all women, everyone can take it.)

Option course

Short Facial 20 minutes / ¥2500

For those who want quick facial oil treatment.

CO2Pack 25 minutes / ¥1,500

A CO2 esthetic mask that keeps your skin looking bright, fresh, and radiant.

Original Aroma Oil / ¥2,500

You can choose your preference from among the18 different kinds of essential oils. Our thorough consultation will guide you to create the perfect blended oil for you.

After Personal Stretch 20 minutes / ¥2,000

After a treatment, we offer a one to one stretch session focusing on your fatigued areas. Your body will feel alive and refreshed.

Aroma Menu


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